UE5 Anime Tokyo / Japanese City Gameplay - Demo free download

18 April 2023
I combined my favorite Japanese anime and unreal engine to create a new form of game art. This is a free game that can be running, Will be available on steam at a later date. You can now download Demo file in my ArtStation. https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/GGxDA/unreal-engine-5-anime-tokyo-game-demo-file This is a work for art display purposes, where you can walk around, take photos, and explore the things I set up.You can change the video files in the folder, which are used to play on the street. This is an early version, Just to see. More maps and gameplay, I'm still figuring it out. This work is intended as a free public art experience only, not a commercial item. And This is the first version and I will keep updating it. Hope you like it. * This project has not been set up for the gamepad, please use the keyboard. * About running it I recommend a graphics card for RTX2060 and above. I'll be adding more vroid characters in the next release, if you'd like, send me interesting characters you made (as.vrm or.vroid files) and I'll optionally add them to the city. My email: 532557808@qq.com The next version is expected to be available in a few months and will include more people, new weather, many improvements, and new Unreal Engine 5 features. Art of the project: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/VJ89oX Characters are from “Adolescent U” by QUQU. The crowd is provided free by the VROID HUB. The initial layout of the city is from Shibuya Model by Nonecg. There are also some free models available on Sketchfab. BGM1:リザレクション - IA(Composer: Tomoya) BGM2:厄神様のなく頃に - ばんばんしー BGM3:Old Memory - 市川淳

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